5 Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Alcohol

Whether you’re looking for first-date ideas or something new to do with your significant other, sometimes it’s nice to have a plan that doesn’t revolve around drinking. Sober curiosity has become the new normal for many, with health factors being a key to the reason a lot of millennials and Gen Z’ers give up the booze. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, this is a perfect opportunity to get creative and impress your date! But don’t worry – we’re here to help. We’ve got several stellar ideas that will leave you both feeling excited, exhilarated, and clear-headed to boot.


Grab dessert or coffee. (or both!)

A dinner date can seem slightly intimidating if it’s the first date – if you’ve never spent a large chunk of time with the other person, this can feel like a big (and somewhat long) commitment. Grabbing an after-dinner treat or coffee is the perfect sweet spot. This may seem like a standard dating option, but both offer a low-pressure environment with little temptation to drink. They also give you an opportunity to satisfy your sweet tooth or get your caffeine fix, so even if the date’s a bust, you’re not completely out of luck. And, if you are into the date, you can easily extend the hour into something more substantial.

See a show.

Talk about no pressure. Seeing a movie, attending a concert, or going to a comedy show are all great ways to spend time with someone without actually having to go to great lengths to come up with conversation pieces. Especially in the case of comedy shows and concerts, there are usually intermediate periods between performers that are prime opportunities to chat about your favorite songs or jokes and connect with the other person.

Find a festival.

Whether you live in New York City or Bluffton, South Carolina, there are always ample opportunities to immerse yourself in the local culture through festivals. There are usually options for everyone – food lovers, art connoisseurs, history buffs, and more – you just have to do some digging! Each of these options is a great way to connect with someone over a common interest, while also learning new things about yourself and the other person.

Go for a walk in the park.

Are you or your date an animal lover? Take your dog for a walk in the park! Bringing your pets along for a first date can be a perfect way to share your passion. And, if you both have dogs, it’s a great opportunity to see how they interact together! Going for a walk is another low-pressure idea that can be a quick trip or a longer, more in-depth afternoon, depending on if there are any sparks.

Grab (non-alcoholic) drinks.

If bar-hopping is still your idea of a good date, find a venue that offers non-alcoholic options. Metropolitan cities like New York, Chicago, Dallas, offer an array of places that can get creative with booze-free drinks. With new options popping up all around the country, it’s worth searching what’s local to your area to see what you can find.

If you’re local or visiting the Lowcountry of South Carolina, Burnt Church Distillery offers NA cocktails using both variations of Amethyst. You won’t even realize you’re not drinking!


So whether you’ve just been looking to cut down your alcohol intake, have recently become sober, or just want to keep the Dry January train rolling, there’s no reason that your dating life should shoulder the blame! Take a few of these date ideas for a test drive the next time you and your S.O. want something fun that doesn’t revolve around alcohol.

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