Lemon Cucumber Serrano


Size: 750ML

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Light and refreshing, Amethyst Lemon Cucumber Serrano adds finesse with an unforgettable kick and is the ideal tool for when you want to purposefully pace yourself.


  1. Alena (verified owner)

    I cannot explain how excited I was when I found Amethyst lemon cucumber and Serrano while visiting family in SC. I am a big fan of mixed drinks but am currently pregnant. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a completely NA mixer, as drinking water 24/7 gets old… fast. At first whiff I was insanely surprised at the bite the serranos gave the spirit. It mixed beautifully with ginger ale or ginger beer and soon enough family members were asking for it to be mixed with their drinks too. 10/10 recommend.

    • Jane Harmon

      Thanks so much for trying Amethyst. We are so glad that you like it, and yes it is perfect with ginger beer. Just like drinking a Moscow mule.
      Appreciate your kind words.
      Thanks again and congratulations on your pregnancy.

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