Social Responsibility

BIGVISION is the trailblazing recovery support service that saves lives by helping young adults (18-35) to see that sobriety can be EXCITING and FUN by connecting with a peer community through experiences. BIGVISION believes that a joyful sober life is possible and bridges the gap between a broken system and sustainable recovery. BIGVISION celebrates life in recovery! Eve Goldberg lost her son, Isaac, 23 years young in 2014, to an accidental opioid overdose. Isolation leads down a dark path. Eve wanted to help save young lives and prevent other parents from experiencing the same tragedy by providing what Isaac desperately looked for but couldn’t find. In 2015, Eve founded NYC-based nonprofit BIGVISION. Find out more at

We would love for you to join us in this movement, knowing every time you raise a glass of Amethyst, you raise a glass to hope. Toasting to the hard work, determination, and grit of those who make a meaningful difference in this world.

Amethyst is a Watterson Brands company. And, Watterson means good™.
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